Dear colleagues, we are very grateful to everybody who has sent his papers for the first issues. We are proud to declare that aestheticians from 6 countries have offered us their writings. Some of our future authors have asked us to prolong the term to send the papers for the first issue so that they could take part in it.


Now we kindly invite you to go on sending your articles on aesthetics for the first issue of Aesthetica Universalis, the official theoretical journal of Russian Society for Aesthetics. We remind that the content of every issue will be divided into the following sections:


  • THEORY(the aesthetic field from contemporary theoretical points of view);
  • HISTORY(appearance, transformations and adventures of aesthetic ideas in different times and within different cultures);
  • TRANSLATIONS(significant aesthetic sources translated into Russian);
  • REVIEWS(expositions of remarkable publications, dissertations and conferences on aesthetics);
  • PRACTICES(descriptions of aesthetic experience of different kinds).


Please, send your papers to editorial e-mail:


The new final date to send your paper is JANUARY, 10, 2018.

To prepare your paper see the details below:




With the best wishes,


Sergey Dzikevich

Aesthetica Universalis Editor-in-Chief 



Author: aestheticauniversalis

Independent Iformational Aesthetic Cluster Независимый информационный эстетический кластер

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